A D V A N C E D   P R A N I C   H E A L I N G    L E V E L  2
July 10th & 11th 2021

Advanced Pranic Healing Course - Level 2

July 10th & 11th 2021

Pre-requisite: Pranic Healing Level 1














All Textbooks, CD & other Course Material will be available for purchase

at the workshop

Course Material Required: Advanced Pranic Healing Text Book

Pranic Healing Instructor: Tina Keele 


Cost: New Students $330 ~ Review Students $150

Sunbury Neighbourhood House - 531 Elizabeth Drive, Sunbury

10.00am - 5.30pm

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Text Book - Advanced Pranic Healing

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The Advanced Pranic Healing Course - Level 2

You will learn more advanced methods and techniques,  


How to use different Energy Healing frequencies for more rapidly and effectively treatments for a wide range of ailments,


Learn how to heal more Advanced or serious, chronic aliments &

How to apply the Advanced Pranic Healing techniques to other areas of life.

On completion of the course you will work with:


Color prana with a heightened understanding of the concepts

Principles and Advanced Pranic Healing Techniques

Understanding general applications such as activation/inhibiting the chakra

Strengthening/inhibiting chakras

Master healing techniques


At the Advanced level you will be treating ailments such as:


Broken Bones, Back Injury, Fresh Burns, High Cholesterol, Stop Bleeding, Fresh wounds, Regeneration of Bones, Nerves, Organs, quick recovery of minor/major surgery, Food poisoning, Insomnia, Cysts, Infections & Inflammation, Thyroid problems, Blood, immune System, Liver Infections, Glaucoma, Vertigo, Psoriasis, Coronary Artery Disease, Varicose Veins, Stroke, Tumors, Cancers and much more.

Prerequisite for Advanced: Basic Pranic Healing - Level 1