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What is Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga?

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Did you know that by Healing yourself you are healing the Earth? 

The Planet is made up of a natural phenomenon called darkness and Light. So what is Light? Light is Energy. So, what is darkness? Darkness is the absence of Light.

We/Humans are like the Earth we are made up of Light and Darkness.  Some of us have more Light than others.  Some of us have more Darkness and over time this absence of Light affects us in different ways.

Light is a form of Energy and Energy is the main source of light on earth. Energy in sanskrit is called Prana. Prana is  Life Force.


By healing the darkness that resides deep within us that darkness untreated over time manifests as disease of some sort.  Disease can affect the Physical Body, the Mental Body and the Emotional Body.

So, how are we healing the earth by healing ourselves? 

Well everything is energy and energy can be darkness or light.  Just like we have a positive charge and a negative charge. 

We have noticed that by using the Pranic Healing method to disintegrate  darkness from the energy body many people have reported they have been relieved of the physical pain they were experiencing, the heaviness they were feeling, the obsessive thought they were having or addictive action they were unable to control. 


Obviously there are more severe cases then others and more specialised Pranic Healing treatments were applied but most treatments have been extremely successful.

The Modern Founder Master Choa Kok Sui has completed extensive research on this topic and says;  As in the Law of Correspondence whatever you do the Energy Body affects the Physical Body and whatever adjustments you make to the Physical Body affects the Energy Body.

If all the Earth is made up Energy and we are also made of energy we are interconnected.  So as I heal myself or someone else we transmute the darkness into light affecting a portion of the planet.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Pranic Healing

How many healing sessions does one person need if he's very sick and very chronic?

In general, for difficult cases or chronic cases, you would need about two to three sessions per week for about two to three months.

For simpler ailments or disorders, it may take only one treatment or two or three treatments the most.

Are there any side effects with Pranic Healing?

Pranic Healing does not have any side effects.  That is the good thing about it.

It is non-invasive and it doesnt harm the body when done properly.

How safe is it to work with?

Pranic Healing is extremly safe for the patient as well as for the healers, as long as the guidelines are being followed.

Where are the guidelines laid down in your books?

Yes they are given in details.

What kind of ailments can be healed with Pranic Healing?

There are many ailments and disorders that can be healed by Panic Healing.

Almost all. Not all almost all. 

For example A simple burn can easily be healed; a broken bone can easily be healed. These are examples of disorder. As far as ailments is concerned, infection can easily be healed. Allergy, like asthma can easily be healed; arthritis which is supposed to be incurable and degenerative can be healed by Pranic Healing. 


Even emphysema, which is an ailment that is supposed to be incurable and degenerative can be healed with Pranic Healing. It can be healed with Pranic Healing but the treatment may take six months to one year.

Pranic Healing is a very effective tool in healing simple and severe ailments and disorders.