P R A N I C   C R Y S T A L  H E A L I N  G


TBA 2021 

Pranic Crystal Healing Course

TBA 2021

Pre-requisite: Pranic Healing Level 3









All Textbooks, CD & other Course Material will be available for purchase at the workshop.

Course Material Required: Pranic Crystal Healing


Pranic Healing Instructor: Tina Keele 


Cost: New Students $330 ~ Review Students $175

Sunbury Neighbourhood House - 531 Elizabeth Drive, Sunbury


9.00am - 7.00pm

Text Book - Pranic Crystal Healing

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Pranic Crystal Healing


You will learn how to work with crystals and gem stones and how to apply them to enhance your already existing healing abilities, apply them to refining your spirituality and increasing your prosperity. 


Learn about the Basic concepts and principles of Pranic Crystal Healing


How to properly cleanse, Charge and Program crystal

How to increase the potency of your power using crystals & the potency of the crystals

How to heal with a Laser Quartz Crystal

 How to use crystals for Color Pranic Healing and  

Know qualities of different crystals and gem stones and how each work

Consecrate the crystals

Extract negative thoughts and emotions from the aura easily and more effectively using crystals and gem stones

Use the crystals in order to create a barrier which protect you from the diseased energies while doing healing

Use crystals as rings for more productivity, prosperity and spirituality

Use crystals to divert psychic attacks

Make use of gem stones for the healing, even when you are resting  

At the completion of the Pranic Crystal Healing course you will be equipped with tools for healing at all levels with a higher level of refinement and potency.


Prerequisite for Pranic Crystal Healing: Pranic Psychotherapy

Course Material Required: Pranic Crystal Healing