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Licenced Pranic Healing Instructor

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Tina Keele


Tina Keele is a Business/Social Entrepreneur, Spiritual Healer & Pranic Healing Instructor, she has a Masters of Entrepreurship & Innovation from Swinburne University, Bachelor of Business in Business Management,  she's an International Standards Auditor, consultant to Medium/Large Corporations & owned/owner of many Businesses.  


In 2000 she was introduced to Pranic Healing by Dr Hazel Wardha a month later she was trained by Master Choa Kok Sui in Melbourne Australia.  In 2006 she established and became the founder of Pranic Healing Melbourne and has since facilitated Weekly Meditation groups, Full Moon Gatherings, Esoteric Lectures, Retreats, Trained Healers and has successfully healed many people. 


She began teaching Pranic Healing in 2008 as a Licensed Instructor she has been instrumental in spreading the teachings of Pranic Healing throughout the Melbourne community.  She organised and lead many Charity and fundraising events she has dedicated part of her life in helping people heal and transform their Lives.

Dedicated to her work as a trainer/instructor leader on the path she continues to study with many teachers & gurus furthering her development in Abstruse Esoteric Subjects travelling to different parts of the globe to be mentored by World Class Mentors/Teachers in Healing Sciences, Life Strategies, Esoteric Psychology and Ageless Wisdom.

​Tina Keele is a Licenced Pranic Healing Instructor with the Institute of Inner Studies for the following MCKS Courses:


                                Pranic Healing - Level 1

                                Advanced Pranic Healing - Level 2

                                Pranic Psychotherapy - Level 3

                                Pranic Crystal Healing

                                Pranic Self Defense

                                Superbrain Yoga

With the blessings of God & with the blessings my spiritual teacher MCKS, the invisible helpers


Thank you for not giving up on me!

With Gratitude, Respect & Love


Testimonial by Tina Keele:

'I am beyond blessed & honoured to be part of MCKS's school - An exciting & enduring journey of Soul/Self Realization Actualization which I would never have fathomed if it were not for my Teacher MCKS.  I have had training & education - Masters Degree in Business, multiple degrees at University, I have Corporate experience, I have been a Sole proprietor owned many Businesses, I have experienced Marriages, Divorce, Birthing, Children, Family, Death - All of Life Experiences teaching me something about me - revealing  parts of my soul - the gentleness of my soul- the darkness of my soul - the purpose of THIS SOUL.   - I owe all of these discoveries, these findings of who 'I AM' to my teacher MCKS & the body of works that is MCKS.

It will only be fitting that I continue this Esoteric school under his guidance that not only gives you the wisdom of Healing but gives you the Soul Technology & practical techniques to achieve Oneness with your Higher Soul(Our True Purpose of incarnation) regardless of your level of intelligence, race, creed or color. 


Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga by MCKS offers the world an opportunity of self discovery, an opportunity to change ones life, an opportunity to forgive parts of your Self/Life to reset yourself at any time/cycle or stage of  life and start afresh.  That is what we all deserve as a race to refresh and change an opportunity to transform from old outdated ways for new ways out of suffering & darkness of the personality and embracing our true  essence, that part we sometimes define as GOODNESS or WILL to GOOD!  Tina Keele