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Meditation for World Peace

& Illumination


Twin Hearts

Meditation on Twin Hearts is a non-sectarian mediation that is practiced in over 80 countries throughout the world.  The Benefits of this meditation are cumulative with a rippling effect.  This powerful universal meditation or prayer can be used by almost anyone desiring to contribute loving energy towards achieving global harmony and world peace.

Scientific research shows an increase of plasma melatonin of up to 300% following the practice of the meditation.


  • Improve general well-being

  • Reduced stress

  • Higher Productivity

  • Greater intellectual Activity

  • Happier Relationships

  • Increased Calmness

  • Inner Tranquility

  • Naturally Improved Immune System


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Meditation on Twin Hearts

Free Meditation on Twin Hearts

for Healing & World Peace

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Meditation on Twin Hearts

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Mediation on the Twin Hearts

Meditation on Twin Hearts is a simple yet powerful technique introduced by Master Choa Kok Sui for achieving cosmic consciousness or what we often call “illumination.” It is also a form of service to the world by increasing harmony and peace through becoming a channel to bless the earth with loving-kindness.


Benefits of Meditation

Among all the meditation techniques revealed to public, Twin Hearts Meditation is perhaps one of the most effective and efficient meditations that has recorded many glowing testimonials of personal healing, spiritual uplifting, relationship improvements and positive life transformations.


Being a guided short meditation, it has been one of the favourite meditations of all time which yet stands as one of the most powerful methods for achieving peace and illumination.  Among the thousands of life changing testimonials about Twin Hearts Meditation, include:



Recharged Body and Improved Health

When doing the Twin Hearts Meditation, lots of divine energy enters our system which cleanses the dirty, diseased, used up energies and improves health. This shows itself as recharged body.



Sense of Peace and Happiness

Once the Hearts Chakra opens during the meditation and once the old emotional stuff flushes out of our system, we feel an inner peace within us and we are filled with love and happiness.


Better Self Esteem

Twin Hearts Meditation helps us remove the old picture of us and create a positive image. With more power, with cleaner system, more refined emotions and lots of divine energy we can achieve many things in life.



More Harmonising Relationships

By doing Twin Hearts Meditation we are filled with love; our Heart Chakra expands and our Crown Chakra develops. Once we use the generated energy to bless a person or a place after the meditation, it helps in bringing more harmony, love and peace for them as well.



Sharper and More Intelligent Mind

Once the old emotional thoughts and emotions are cleared from our system, we will have clearer mind and faster decision making.



More Good Luck

You have been heard about the famous phrases like “what we sow is what we reap” and “it is in giving that we receive.”

When we bless every person, every being on earth with love and light, peace and joy, hope and faith, we will see that even in difficult situations we will find help, hope and peace.


Increased Energetic Sensitivity and Clairvoyance Ability

Twin Hearts Meditation helps us to become more sensitive to the world of subtle energies. It also develops the Clairvoyance faculty and our awareness.



Improved Intuition

By developing the Crown Chakra, our intuition will be developed. People often call it direct knowing or inner guidance. Whatever it is called, intuition is a great tool to understand life and live it to the fullest with minimum mistakes.


Besides the personal developments, Twin Hearts Meditation is also a great way of service to the world by increasing harmony and world peace. It can be used for the benefit of an individual, a family, a community and greater than all for the benefit of the entire world.


Never tried it before? come along any Sunday evening to the above mentioned venue and start your amazing journey.


'When doing Twin Hearts Meditation, Divine Energy radiates throughout your Aura. Unwholesome emotions and thoughts are expelled and mind becomes calm and peaceful.

                                                                                                     Master Choa Kok Sui


Why do People Meditate?

Some People Meditate for Peace, Stillness, Happiness, Luck, Sharpness of Mind, to keep Fit, Prosper, or for Illumination or just to change the world to be better place.

Usually you would need several different Meditation Styles to accomplish each of these areas of different things in your life.

Would be great if there was one technique that would accomplish all of the above.  

Well, there is - We call it 'Meditation of Twin Hearts'

Meditation of the Twin Hearts is so simple, yet so effective, so short and deep.

Its secret is activating the Human Energy Centre of the Heart and Crown.  By Blessing the Earth with your hands and sending waves of Loving Kindness.  The Crown is the Centre for Divine Love and can only be activated when the Heart is sufficiently Activated. The Heart is the centre for Human Love.

When the crown is activated lots of Divine Energy enters the Body.  It flows like a huge waterfall, which benefits us in numerous ways.  Our Aura gets cleansed and bright.

Our Heart & Crown get activated and transformed.  Our sensitivity, Healing Ability and intuition gets improved.

It is also a great way of Service to the World by increasing Peace & Harmony and Healing of  Our Mother Earth.

Twin Hearts can be used for the benefit of an individual, family, community and the greater benefit for the entire World.