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All disease is the result of inhibited soul life, and that is true of all forms in all kingdoms. The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul, so that its life can flow through the aggregate of organisms which constitute any particular form.  - Esoteric Healing - A Treatise on the Seven Rays by Alice.A.Bailey 1953

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Private Healing Session

via Zoom

  Tina Keele she has been Healing since 2001 and has successfully helped hundreds of people with all different Ailments & Diseases. 


 1 hour Session - Distant Healing via Zoom

Interactive Tele Healing 

Price: $200

For on-going Treatments for Psychotherapy Healings/Mental Health/Drug Addictions/Diseases/Psychic Attack we will tailor a package that best suits your individual needs accordingly

Discuss this at your session with Tina Keele


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How many healing sessions does one person need if he's very sick and very chronic?

In general, for difficult cases or chronic cases, you would need about two to three sessions per week for about two to three months.

For simpler ailments or disorders, it may take only one treatment or two or three treatments the most.

Are there any side effects with Pranic Healing?

Pranic Healing does not have any side effects.  That is the good thing about it.

It is non-invasive and it doesn't harm the body when done properly.

How safe is it to work with?

Pranic Healing is extremely safe for the patient as well as for the healers, as

long as the guidelines are being followed.

Where are the guidelines laid down in your books?

Yes they are given in details.

What kind of ailments can be healed with Pranic Healing?

There are many ailments and disorders that can be healed by Panic Healing.

Almost all. Not all almost all. 

For example A simple burn can easily be healed; a broken bone can easily be

healed. These are examples of disorder. As far as ailments is concerned,

infection can easily be healed. Allergy, like asthma can easily be healed;

arthritis which is supposed to be incurable and degenerative can be healed

by Pranic Healing. 


Even emphysema, which is an ailment that is supposed to be incurable and

degenerative can be healed with Pranic Healing. It can be healed with Pranic Healing but the treatment may take six months to one year.

Pranic Healing is a very effective tool in healing simple and severe ailments and disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pranic Healing