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Tina Keele


Tina Keele is a Business/Social Entrepreneur, Spiritual Healer & Pranic Healing Instructor, she has a Masters of Entrepreurship & Innovation from Swinburne University, Bachelor of Business in Business Management,  she's an International Standards Auditor, consultant to Medium/Large Corporations & owned/owner of Businesses.  


In 2000 she was introduced to Pranic Healing by Dr Hazel Wardha then trained by Master Choa Kok Sui in Melbourne Australia.  In 2006 she established and became the founder of Pranic Healing Melbourne and has since facilitated Weekly Meditation groups, Full Moon Gatherings, Esoteric Lectures, Retreats, Trained Healers and has successfully healed many people. 


She began teaching Pranic Healing in 2008 as a Licensed Instructor with the Institute of Inner Studies & she has been instrumental in spreading the teachings of Pranic Healing throughout the Melbourne community.  She organised and lead many Charity and fundraising events she has dedicated part of her life in helping people heal and transform their Lives.

Dedicated to her work as a trainer/instructor she continues to study with many teachers & gurus furthering her development in Abstruse Esoteric Subjects travelling to different parts of the globe to be mentored by World Class Mentors/Teachers in Healing Sciences, Life Strategies, Esoteric Psychology and Ageless Wisdom.

​Tina Keele is a Licenced Pranic Healing Instructor with the Institute of Inner Studies for the following MCKS Courses:


                                Pranic Healing - Level 1

                                Advanced Pranic Healing - Level 2

                                Pranic Psychotherapy - Level 3

                                Pranic Crystal Healing

                                Pranic Self Defense

                                Superbrain Yoga

With the blessings of God & with the blessings my spiritual teacher MCKS, the invisible helpers & all the Great Ones


Thank you!

With Gratitude, Respect & Love

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Our Centre

About Who We Are

Tina Keele is a Licensed Instructor with the Institute of Inner Studies and is based in Melbourne. She is a Life Mentor, Healer, Pranic Healing Instructor Trainer, Spiritual Teacher specialising in Energy Healing Sciences, Meditation, Esoteric Psychology & Esoteric Sciences.


She Founded Pranic Healing Melbourne in 2006 establishing the first Pranic Healing Centre in the North West of Melbourne, then the CBD Melbourne in 2015.  Pranic Healing Melbourne run Classes, Courses and Meditation & other Events in Locations throughout Victoria.

Our Centre is committed to helping as many people as possible  HEAL & Transform aspects of their life within a Wholistic framework.   We provide practical training solutions for Health, Family & Relationships, Careers, Business & Finances, Social Life & Spiritual Life.  We have a strong foundation for on-going Mentoring  & Coaching, Teaching & Training, Healing & Meditation.  Our programs are designed to enhance clarity of mind, regulate emotions & strengthen the physical body for optimum Personal & Business Performance.


Our Teaching Model is of the Highest Standard - Teachings are made simple for abstruse topics such as Esoteric Philosophy etc, We explain the different methods of Meditation, Break down the Energy Anatomy of the Human Being for Self Healing, Distant Healing, Psychotherapy, Crystal Healing, Psychic Self Defense & so much more.  We are committed to following Best Practice Principles, delivering the work of GMCKS(Founder) at the highest Level, Integrity & Originality in  line with the Institute for Inner Studies(Founder) International Guidelines & Standards that stems to over 87 Countries.


The Instructors training is of World Class - The Founder Master Choa Kok Sui an Expert in Energy Anatomy of the Human Being, the creator of the Arhatic Yoga system - Technology for the Soul - he is defined as the world renowned 'Grand Master of Energy' the genius soul that embodied the physical body that we know as



The body is a 'living battery' that requires constant recharging. 

This is done through different means, especially through the transference of life energy. 

This is the principle behind Pranic Healing.

Pranic Healers have a deeper understanding of life energy and the energy system of the physical body.

Master Choa Kok Sui

Possible Miracles - The Golden Lotus Sutras of Pranic Healing